Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trains, Planes and an Uber good time.

Today was a relatively insignificant though beautiful day.
I awoke in Albuquerque where my friend Aaron saw me off to the airport. Despite sitting next to an annoying mother /daughter duo, I caught up on some of the sleep I missed out on last night due to packing late and travel anxiety. Quick layover in Dallas where I struggled to find a parfait that held my standards and instead settled for a Starbucks smoothie, cause at last there I had a gift card.Sat next to a friendly elderly couple en route to NY, where I suppose I caught up on more sleep, cause I don't remember much after cracking into my London books. Arriving in Nyc, I battled the bristly wind and had my first go at Uber, which was quite satisfying, especially paired with a confidence of getting around in the city. Despite a detour that required walking several city blocks in the 20 degree weather (which would have been fine had I not been dressed for Albuquerque), I arrived at the bus in time to find a clean public restroom. Bussed to Philly with another nap, followed by another Uber ride in which I received a rose, so sweet! 

Then caught up with my dear friend Michael through homemade chili, thin mints, Golden Eye on Wii, coloring and super scrabble.

Now I lay in a warm comfy bed, the sounds of the city barking behind the curtains, ready to prepare in sleep for what tomorrow may bring.

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