Thursday, February 18, 2016

A simple satisfying day.

I've much enjoyed a full day with my friends Joe and Katie. 

We had a simple but fulfilling day that started with an avocado/toast/tomato and poached egg breakfast, inspired and enjoyed by yours truly.

We went on a nice walk along the sea, then came back for a lunch before Katie and I set of to Brighton (after just one train mishap - good to know it's not just the tourists who get confused). 

I really loved Brighton for all its quirky energy, and agreed that it had a sort of Austin vibe. We toured the Pavillion, a grand palace built entirely in Chinese theme by king George. where i want able to take any photos. Seeing the extreme wealth lavishly displayed in 1ton chandeliers and gold leaf wallpaper only grew my distaste in the extremely rich. Still, I suppose it put on a good show then and now. I've started using my camera more, so I'm slacking on the blog photos but my Facebook will get a healthy dose when I'm done...

 We popped in a home store where i thought of all the things i wanted to buy for other people, then ask the extra arms I would need to carry it along. Sorry friends. The process for most food seem rather decent though. A jar of Himalayan sea salt that would go for $8.99-14.99 was £4.99? And yesterday I bought a pre-made sandwich for £3.89, made from local, fresh ingredients. 

We had dinner at an awesome all you can eat place with gourmet veggie dishes, for only £7! Then retreated home too watch Bill an awful, historically inaccurate and mildly entertaining film with William Shakespeare as a main character.

Twas a bright Sunday day in Shoreham.

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