Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thoughts on international travel (without leaving the country)

Sunday, Valentine's day, was a much needed relax day. I slept in till 9:30 which is an achievement even though it's still only 7:30 my time. Did a short leg workout in my room consisting of 100 squats, sumo squats, side lunges and calf raises, then joined my friends for homemade breakfast burritos.
Watched An Epic Journey about animals in the arctic, narrated by David Attenborough, then decided to bundle up and face the teen-degree temperatures outside. We walked to Philly Aids Thrift where I had to decide if trying on clothes was worth removing my 15 layers. It was, cause they had a special Valentine's sale: half off anything with a shade of red in it! I scored 4 shirts (including a Pendleton flannel), 3 pairs of pants and a sweet shoulder bag... for $25! Good thing I had a little extra room in my backpack...
After another bowl of chili we played a quick round of Settlers of Catan before heading to the bus stop to return me to nyc. I ended up missing my bus (doh!) 

But caught the next one. (11 degrees in nyc) Took subway to a train to the JFK airport, which is huge! 

Just being present in a place that caters to different nationalities has bright some things to my awareness.
1) People actually buy perfume? While waiting in line through security I saw 7 perfume ads, and had to walk past a dozen  perfume/spa/jewelry stores to find a place that sells food.
2) Airports don't sell health food. The food they market as healthy had probably been sitting in a package for 2+ weeks. Tummy, brace thyself.... We might not be eating avocados for a while. 

3) Flight attendants are beautiful. Even the scruffy-faced bro with biceps as big as my head had crystal blue eyes and a cute little Mohawk ponytail. Is flight attending a gateway to modeling or something? 
4) I miss the wilderness already :/ this has been a sad reality check of how the rest of the world lives. People watching is entertaining, but the emphasis on spending/consuming makes me want to crawl under a rock. I know this is just the beginning, so I'm going to brace myself.
And a less related note:
5) what's an NBA all stars game and why is Sting playing (the bass?) At the halftime with two twerking girls?
Next post from London!

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