Monday, February 22, 2016

The most beautiful city...

Bad news: my phone broke again, my period started (so now I'm extra emotional and have no appetite), my credit card got declined on the train and my airbnb host won't give me his address
Good news: my phone came through, so did my host, and I had an INCREDIBLE tour of the most beautiful city I've ever been in.

Today makes a full week of my journey and I know, despite challenges, this week is gonna be full of delightment.
I remember flipping through a travel channel where a woman was on a tour of Bath. Although she was American, she called it Baaath, sort of like the Brits do. I, however, got teased for my pronunciation... so now I'm referring to it just as Bath, with a softer a.
I've been thinking a lot about the accent here and how they pronounce vowels. I thought they really elongated their vowels, especially compared to Americans, but then I heard "p'haps" and "shre" (for Shire) and realized that they like their Oooeau sounds like we like our hard As and Es. They make "No" quite fun. Anyway, this is what runs through your head when you have no one to talk to all day.
So back to Bath. I arrived at lunch and grabbed a falafel. I felt kind of guilty at not getting something authentic (though this was real Halal falafel) but I needed to find a map and orient myself sans smartphone. And use a loo.
Once I walked the other 100 feet out of the dingy falafel place and into the town, my mood was lightened and my eyes glittered. Wow! Tan limestone surrounded by green hills... Even waking around at night, when my phone could take photos, the town dazzled.

Added to the tranquility of the town was a street performer playing classical guitar. I'll add more photos/videos when I can load them from my camera. 
Since I didn't know where to drop my bags, I carried then around for an hour while scoping  out the shops. I DID buy a shirt for a pound at a charity shop. I need to stop adding things to my bag but I can't help cheap, good quality clothes! Then I happened into a fudge shop with free samples, good jokes, and an almost 200 year old butter-free recipe. 
At 2:00 I joined the mayor's tour which was introduced by the mayor himself! (And he had a neck tattoo hidden under his collar). The tour was amazing! so much history here! First the Romans used the springs here, then in medieval times it was used, though not very appealing, due to their hygiene, or lack of. Then the queen found the water to heal her gout, and invited everyone to come, so it became a special place... And the guy who ran it insisted that everyone who comes here, once they enter the walls and sign in are equal... farmers and dukes and all. I hope I remember more from the tour but I'll post it with photos, for context. 
An old bath at the end of a walkway, right past where Jane Austen's aunt got busted for shoplifting. 
I left the tour a touch early so I could make it to the astronomy museum, held in the home of the man who discovered Uranus! I was so giddy walking down the path to the museum, but I did stop top notice that rent prices here are reasonable... so Bath is noted as a potential space for me to run away and become a schoolteacher or bartender. Or both. 
I should mention that despite a chill in the air, I escaped the drizzle in Bournemouth and actually saw some blue sky today! 
So after I got my fill of astronomical history, I hoped over to "Sally Lunn's Historic eating house and museum" to taste Sally's buns...a 300 year old recipe. I had planned to have a proper tea, but seeing as that included a lot of dairy and sugar, I opted for a veggie plate. Still good, and not too expensive, unlike some of the places for an afternoon tea in town.
I finally made it to my airbnb, only through some incredible miracles of the God Mercury, and am now typing under the huge ceilings in a spacious room in the Marlborough homes, built in the 18th century just east of where all the sewage was dumped, to protect the Royal Crescent from the stench. My tour guide called this row of Gregorian houses to be the most expensive wind block in history. And I'm staying here for £ 30. Not bad. 
I'm going to check out Jane Austen's museum and try at a tea again before training to Oxford! 

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  1. Just Beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!