Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Notes from the underground

I awoke again in a sweat, but comfortable in the cute little bed I'm staying in. If only my Sid were with me. :p
Went for a run up to telegraph hill, which bright me much delight since the chapter I'm reading outlines Beaufort (father of the Beaufort wind scale)'s experience on the original optical telegraph, one of which was built right where I did 50 star jumps.
I re-packed my bags, which somehow got heavier, and walked a mile or so to breakfast at cute little vegetarian restaurant, where I evesdropped on a woman planning her move.
Feeling satiated I took the bus to Victoria station and walked to Buckingham Palace, thinking I could squeeze in some touring before heading down south. There's a lot of construction going on, and a LOT of people... not my favorite piece of London so far. 
I watched the royal guards walk around a bit with their big funny hats then walked through Green Park toward Picadilly. It's like a British 5th ave... not really my scene, I thought. Right as I was affirming my lack of money to spend or space to take anything with me, I stumbled upon a little market at St.Johns church. 

After trying to decide between a Pocket watch and a compass, I bought a brass compass sundial with the time zones on the lid. Then I bought a stamp... I'm a sucker. 

I walked around Piccadilly circus, taking a longer route than I intended back to the train. And passing through a very rich area...

 £7,000 for a flat, anyone?  I'm thankful for all the maps posted along the roads for keeping me on track. 

Caught a train to Shorham-by-Sea to meetup with two lovely people I worked with in 2011! We drank tea and caught up and ate a delicious homemade curry (I hadn't meet my curry fix yet) then went to town to see Youth, a curious and long movie with to many producers.
Now I sit on a sweet pull out sofa reflecting on my day but feeling wide awake somehow. My brain still thinks I'm in America I guess.

Total miles this morning: roughly 4
Total spent: $26 on souvineers, £ 16 on food

Despite the chill, everything is starting to bloom. It's promising to be a beautiful time to visit. 

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