Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eyes and ears in England

My what my eyes have seen today and my ears did hear.
I saw:
*a group of dancers singing hari Krishna in the street, accompanied by a man decorated in los of yellow and gold fabric
*A GIANT disco ball

*dozens of bow and arrows, spears, guns, locks, purses, beads, drums, jewelry, capes and ancient toiletries... organized by item in the Pitts River museum in Oxford

*fossils and animals relics of all types in the most beautiful museum I've ever been in

Just upon entry it was love. 

*a piece of road paved in ox and sheep knuckle bones

And I've heard:

*A live organist playing Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor at Oxford's town hall

*3 hours of British poets and comedians performing live at the poetry cafe near Drury lane (where sadly there is muffin man)

What a day indeed! And a short post since it is technically tomorrow, and my birthday.

I think I enjoyed the museum as much if not more than the parts within.