Friday, February 19, 2016

The 4 rules of travel according to Cass

There are so many ways to travel. Different things to emphasize, ways to meet needs and challenge selves. 
It seems that many people get rather stressed on vacation, feeling pressure to see as much as they can, get the best deals, eat at the best rated restaurants, etc. I've realized on this trip that I've developed a travel style that repels such stress. It's my vacation, after all... and after these two weeks of bliss I'm scheduled to work for 9 weeks without a day off. So this is how I ensure I make the most of it.
1) identify my primary needs:
*Warmth (bitter temps in my explorations are fine as long as I can ensure a warm bed  to return to at the end of a long day in the chill)
* fresh vegetables (without which I will get cranky and tired)
*exercise (walking is not high enough in intensity. Runs seem unobtrusive to others, but I really just wanna do some explosive hiit workouts at 10:00pm or 7:00am sometimes)
2) establish goals of travel:
*attain historical context
*walk a lot
*immerse in another culture
*reflect on previous 27 years of life and make mental preparation for the next 14
3) beyond hopes of meeting primary needs, abolish all sets of expectations
*expectations only lead to disappointment. Don't expect the bus to arrive on time or your dinner to be served warm and you'll be pleasantly surprised when these things do happen. **Warning:this can take years of practice.
4) Find beauty in simple things.
Sure it was worth paying £11 for a tour of a King's palace... gold covered dragons are beautiful in their own way. But watching the light reflect through a yellow glass lens onto 400 year old cobblestones has beauty, too. As does hearing a child exclaim she's figured out a riddle... Training your eye and ear and nose to appreciate the simplicity in life will reduce the stress of having a perfect vacation.
The castle was closed but the churches were beautiful! 
Today, I met my goals through avocado toast and cake.

I walked up and down some hills in the small town of Arundel, took a bath, ate an entire container of hummus and 4 teacups of granola. I danced a lot in my bed and breakfast room.I took a lot of selfies. And I watched pride and prejudice. Needs met. Goals achieved. Good day.

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