Friday, February 12, 2016

Biking, Beauty, and staying Busy in the Burque.

If I had more energy I'd put this to rhyme, but I want to get this on here and get out on time. 

I love hearing little slices of people's lives. I love imagining how other people live, or getting to participate in their lives for a short period of time. I think it offers a lot of perspective for my own life in many ways. 
I also want people to have a greater understanding of where I'm coming from, to see what influences the things I write about. 
Today was such a beautiful day, I wanted to share it with the world. But as I thought back to a starting point...I realized I've had a pretty exciting week, month and year so far. But I don't want to summarize my life to boredom... so I'm just focusing on the last two days. 

Thursday, 12:30am:
I'm closing the creaking gates on the park behind my lover and his friend as they shout "bye" out the window. After some slight tidying up in the house, I crawl into bed. 
6:00am: Rise and Shine! It's workin' time! I snooze. 30ish minutes later, I pull back the covers and begin my morning routine. Bathroom, open the gates, raise the flags, unlock the bathrooms, admire the sunrise, come into the warm house, put the clean dishes away, turn on the radio, dance. Not wanting to commit to a full workout, I did 1 minute max of full-body exercises, from push-ups, to pull ups (on my rings), to sit-ups and dips, etc. I feel it today. 
Bucket bath in the sink and get ready for a day. Contemplate my new fairly professional style of dress, label it "functionality". 

Bike to work. 2 relatively productive hours+ chatting with co-workers
Bike back to park for 2 hours of pruning fruit trees (+ learning how to prune fruit trees) with a group of women in their 40's-60's. 
Grab a lunch and drive to Balloon Museum for a talk about Citizen Science. Appreciate the cadre of outdoor educators present, and that I am familiar and friendly with almost all of them. 
Leave poster session early for a meeting at a chocolate shop with a group of wonderful women. Order a "South Pacific" which is a HUGE, frothy, chocolatey latte, that made me a little sick to my stomach. Spend the next 2 hours creating an 8 day arts-culture-adventure expedition for women. Displaying 20160211_161228.jpg

Drive back to the office, Catch up with the boss. Work til 8:00. Phone call to friend (my phone service sucks so I use the land line when I can). 
9:40- drive home. Make dinner. Walk to adjacent building with internet to research some things for my upcoming trip. 
11:00ish? Bedtime ritual, sleep. 

6:00am: Rise and Shine! Snooze... 6:15, no really, Rise and Shine! 
Bathroom, gates, flags, bathrooms, inside. Stretch and dance. 12 minute workout: 3 rounds of tabata cardio (mountain climbers, burpees and switch kicks). Bucket bath and dress for the day. (I should probably shower at some point this week...) Bike to the office to grab computer and forgotten journal, then to the train station, hoping each minute that the sun will pop over the Sandias. Arrive at train station with 16 minutes to spare, take advantage of wi-fi (again, shitty phone service =utilizing other resources). Train to Santa Fe and enjoy a delightful 1.7 mile downhill ride to my meeting, where I arrive with 20 minutes to spare. Plan a trip for 50 8th graders!
Bike next door to Santa Fe College of Art and Design which was previously the College of Santa Fe, which I had looked at to go to school. Admire the similarities and differences from 10 years ago. 

Bike to Annapurna's for lunch and catching up with a friend, do some work on the side. Realize I have 17 minutes to catch my train. Bust ass back up hill. See the train in the distance. Begin wheezing. Continue busting...soooo clooosee! Bike toward train, to see it slipping away (next train not for 3 more hours). Wave frantically at train as asthma attack (out of breath+emotions= no good) comes on. Train stops. Doors open. I spend the rest of the ride coming down from that, and getting some work done. 

Take the long way to work. Finish by 6:30! Bike home and start dinner (Spaghetti Squash with sauce from leftover soup + "special toast"). Entertain friends at a semi-work-related/catch-up dinner. Friends leave, I come to write this...
Still to be done tonight: cleaning the house, packing my bags!, and sleeping...'cause at 6:45 I'll be on a plane to NYC!

So, other than possibly an overshare of insight into my world... hopefully this paints a picture of possibilities, and a perspective of how we all engage in this world in different ways. 

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