Sunday, February 21, 2016

Frank in stein

Today, I...

*Slept in... finally catching up on sleep with a 12 hour sleep session, minus the hour break for chatting at 1am

*walked around West End of Southampton- through forests and town. Bought a kinder egg.
*took a bus to a train to a train to Bournemouth. 

*Saw Kyri! Who I had not seen for 4 years! 
*had a vegan lunch (curry!) at a place called Mad Cucumber.
*walked around the Victorian town appreciating the subtleties of time and culture. Saw Mary Shelly's grave.

*had a miniature freak out when my phone randomly shut down and refused to turn on. But it reminded me to be grateful for what I have and for each moment here. Time is swiftly dwindling down to 4 full days. 
*planned my next two stops: Bath and Oxford
*had a delightful homemade dinner of chickpea patties and sweet potato chips (fries)
Now time to work through this library book I've been lugging around.

Travel scorecard:

WINNING: relaxing, observing

ON PAR: sense of direction, technology

FAILING: packing, maximizing vacation experiences

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