Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gettin' Down with it.

I don't have much too comment about my travels today cause I did s lot of self reflecting, and I don't think that belongs here.  I woke up and ran up Kings Arms Street, which I meant to get photos of. It's about a 50 degree incline? I ran it 5 times, enjoying the warm most air and the alternating squacking of crows and cooing of doves. Then went to the conservatory to enjoy a breakfast for a queen:oj, tea, toast, granola and yogurt, plus delicious eggs mushrooms and roasted tomatoes. I almost ate all my mushrooms! There were some interesting jams like ginger and  lemon-lime, but I stuck with apricot. 

I wrote a letter while watching British soaps. 

I checked out the quaint farmers market in Arundel, bought an Apple and an almond bread. I'm still impressed ay how cheap bread is here. 

Then walked 4 or 5 miles through the South Downs, enjoying every moment of the birds, the mud, the wind, rain and sun. most of my photos were camera photos so they'll come later. 

I did find Repunzel's castle
and ate my treats with this view. 
Then feel in the mud on my way back. 
Then I made my slow, sleepy journey to Southampton. It's a newer-feeling city. Lots if chain restaurants and buses. I had one of the worst meals I've ever eaten at a pub where I thought I could watch rugby, but they just talked about all the football (soccer for US) games going on. I had some gelato for desert too make up for a shoddy dinner but my dairy intolerance reminded me that that also was a poor idea. 
So there's some room for improvement tomorrow. I'm traveling to another new place to see an old friend and hopefully user her laundry. At least I have a sweet little airbnb to cuddle up in. 

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