I've never had the skill to draw, but I seem to view the world with an artistic lens.
Once I realized I could connect my compulsion to collect with my need to express, I started collaging. Below are some old and new projects in mixed mediums.
All are available to own by donation.

Old Colleges with a relevant message. 

2017- A Summary Collage

December 2016- Recycled Bottlecaps with magnets

My collage bottle caps

Boyfriend's representation of his soul: "empty"

November 2016- Inspiring Kids to Collage

December 2015- Timeless Women 
(Sorry for the awful scans)

August 2015- Magazine, marker, Nabakob

Winter Project finally complete ~ May Day 2015


How do you view the world?

Does what you see change how you feel about it?


**UPDATE! After much clicking, crafting and typing up calendar grids, I have a real, full calendar available! Only 1 copy remains so let me know if you want one. $10 covers printing cost, but if you take into consideration the dozens of hours I've put into it...$20 might be more fair. **

At last- my 2015 America The Beautiful Calendar is ready to go. (Just in time for the new year). This project has literally spanned most of 2014. Enjoy.












A little sketch from the train to Cali. This is why I collage.

This was a submission for a children's book illustrator. 

New Mexico (aka...'Procrastination')


My latest creation. Took me months, cause I kept being indecisive about where I was going with it, it would get covered by a pile and I wouldn't see it again until the next season.
"You go to Hell, and I will go to Texas"

An oldie, but a favorite.
Hope (less), Spring 2013

9-3-14: Creating Comics to express my satirical ideals!


Feb. 2014:
homemade business cards on old playing cards
[Collage, puff paint, permanent marker]
 and ironic bookmarks. [Collage]

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