Saturday, February 8, 2014

A new poem about Water Conservation for Kids-- eh, kind of.

"Oh Hello, Jane, why, can you meet"
“I’d love to, Bob, but I am beat”
"Why don’t you jump on in the shower?
we’ll meet up in about an hour”

"That’s just the thing, there is no water
as this earth is getting hotter
I feel guilty drinking to stay alive
knowing towns down the river are at a stage 5

Well, there’s a solution that I have come to—
you can just take a little rinsey poo
a quick ol scrub of soap will do
no need to reach for that shampoo

Studies have shown that the cleaner you get
the more you notice when dirt gets set
washing once a week isn’t so gross*
when everyone does it, we can make it ‘the most’

"So i"ll take a little rinsey poo
Do you think just a drop of facewash will do?
I’ve read that most of it goes straight down the drain
and to me that sounds pretty insane

That’s right- you can half what you usually use
and the time you usually do it in, too
and one more thing— where most people say “f**k it”
try letter cold water pour into a bucket
as you warm up the water and take off your pants
you could later use the bucket to water the plants

Alright- I’ll take a rinsey poo,
but there’s one more thing I think we should do
instead of using water for me and for you
Come shower with me- there’s room for two.