Friday, September 30, 2016

I did it!

I know I have strayed from environmental topics for the last 6 months to a year...and I assure you, the urgency of environmental awareness has not escaped me... but I've just been so dang overwhelmed with life lately. 
TODAY is the last day of September. Which means that TOMORROW, I can breathe. 

September-- and endless array of To-Dos, Camping trips, meetings... 

October- Whole chunks of days with NO expectations. AHH (The orange bars are people coming to visit!)
 This last month concluded one of the hardest periods of my life. I have failed, I have cried, I have succeeded, I have had grace, I have climbed mountains, picked a toilet paper roll from a toilet of pee, eaten 4 bowls of fro-yo complete with ample toppings, and many, many things in between. And now I'm Done. 
But I don't know quite where to go from here (as could be indicated by the fact that I'm writing this blog at 9:53 on a Friday after a LONG week/month/season). 
We live in a society of To-Do's with very little acknowledgement for what's Done. 
So I'm going to start by patting myself on the back. 
By Showing the world my accomplishments, even if you don't have a clue what they mean. 

Cause Look!

Every single square of color is a school/group that I organized, managed, planned, communicated with and executed in some way. And every column is a staff person that I managed/led/guided/walked beside on their journey to participate in this trip. 
Any NOBODY died. Instead, people had fun...! Some lives were changed, even. 
So NOW...that I did that. Before I do it again... How do I pat myself on the back, for real? Beyond writing this blog, or getting filthy drunk (cause I don't really do that). Any suggestions?