Saturday, October 26, 2013

Converging Cross Country Clues…16

Fish Lake was a longer drive away than we thought. The sky stayed gray through the drive, and the moist air damp and cool. As we got closer, I realized that Pando was not going to be an enormity of aspen trees as far as I could see, but rather, speckled clumps of quaking leaves amongst a hills of green. 
Our campsite was mystical, isolated and vast. After getting settled in we went out to explore. I, sadly, didn’t take my camera as I hiked higher and higher to an awesome view of the great lake, through bramble and grass, amongst the solemn aspens with their leaves of green and trunks of white. 
The stillness, the quiet, and the energy of this space was refreshing, yet the endless gray skies and the chilly high-elevation weather motivated us to move onto bright, sunny Bryce canyon. (heh, yeah right).

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